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A beautiful piece of luxury furniture adds more than functionality to any space –infusing a fresh breath of life. A home should be the treasure chest of luxurious interiors. Allow people gaze by making a worthwhile experience with our exquisite range of luxury home furnishings. With unmatched products, distinctive character, and unparalleled designs, From Shekhawati Furniture is a premium luxury furniture store merging classic designs with contemporary influences.We offer a complete range of bespoke furniture in a variety of materials like well-treated solid wood, non-cast and wrought iron, distinctive upholstery, brass, and GI sheets, a variety of marbles, and different types of stones. We offer the comfort of complete customization in your furniture designs with different types of inlays like mirror, glass, etc.Read more

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Unlimited Choices of Bespoke Luxury Furniture for Your Home 

Create beautiful spaces with unmatched organic wooden furniture for your home. Get the latest in, home furniture for your living room, bedroom, dining room, office, and so on. Browse through our unmatched collection of luxury furniture to upscale your home décor aesthetically.  

Whether you are looking for luxury furniture or vintage furniture in Art Deco style to create a perfect oasis, or a meticulously handcrafted modern couch, with our customized selection of designer furniture from leading inspirations from the world, we have a unique style to suit every home interior. From Shekhawati, through its magnificent architecture, retains the charm of the old world. Inspired by India’s rich heritage, From Shekhawati’s contemporary range of luxury modern furniture designs makes you day-to-day life experiences more extravagant. 

Explore Our Range of Home Furniture Online in India 

Keeping up with the unique needs of modern homes and apartments, we design artistic vintage and contemporary wooden furniture with a myriad of add-ons to enhance the overall functionality. Our bespoke luxury furniture range not only offers comfort to homeowners but also delivers a host of additional benefits. 

From Shekhawati’s lifestyle furniture collection is handcrafted by making use of top-quality materials for unparalleled designs. Explore our range of home furniture for different areas of your home as you look forward to upgrading your entire home décor: 

  • Living Room Furniture  

Investing in living room modern furniture from the best furniture brand in India will create a royal, relaxing feel in your abode. Explore our curated selection of contemporary and vintage designer living room furniture that will make your living space a corner where you spend quality time with your loved ones.  

A focal point for the entire house and a gathering space for fun-filled occasions, the living room area is the common ground for your interior design project. Whether you are searching for the perfect sofa set or a contemporary coffee table, ottomans, day beds, or even accent tables, ample inspiration and living room décor ideas are only a click away at From Shekhawati.  

From Shekhawati brings forth world-class collection of luxury living room furniture including sofa sets and coffee tables to impart your abode a novel look. The immense variety, quality, and style are unparalleled by other players in the market irrespective of whether you are searching for luxury or antique furniture. With From Shekhawati, you can get extravagant living room furniture in wood, iron, brass, marble, glass, and stone materials. 

  • Dining Room Furniture  

Nothing brings your family together than a delicious home-cooked meal. For several years, families around the world have snatched time out of their busy schedules to gather together in the dining room while enjoying the delicious dinner. As you decorate your home, dining room furniture is amongst the most important aspects to bring about a new style and comfort to your home. 

Looking forward to revamping your dining area? At From Shekhawati, our exclusive dining room furniture features antique dining chairs, world-class dining tables, and classic dining benches to elevate your dining space. With designs ranging from contemporary to antique to traditional furniture, our online store serves to be a one-stop destination when it comes to choosing the best-in-class dining room furniture.  

  • Home Office Furniture  

Grace your modern home office design with our range of luxury home office furniture pieces. From luxury bookcases made out of top-quality materials like solid wood, iron, glass, and stone, to beautifully crafted glass cabinets and functional tables, we are committed to transforming your home office environment into a creative, productive, and functional space.  

At From Shekhawati, our high-end range of functional home office furniture pieces adds an elegant touch to any home office, boardroom, reception area, or even corporate workspaces. Explore our diverse range of contemporary, vintage, and antique furniture for your luxury and comfortable home office environment. 

  • Bedroom Furniture 

Relive your voguish bedroom design ideas with luxury bedroom furniture including luxury contemporary beds and designer end tables. Renovate your existing personal space thanks to our luxury bedroom furniture ideas from the world’s leading designer inspirations. 

At From Shekhawati’s collection of luxury bedroom furniture collection, we boast the presence of sophisticated beds, nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, dressing tables, and mirrors in contemporary and antique styles. Our extravagant bedroom furniture designs feature sophisticated silhouettes, handcrafted in an exclusive range of fine solid woods, brass, royal marble, and stone materials. 

  • Bar Furniture 

The designer range of magnificent bar stools, counters, and bar tables at From Shekhawati showcase our team’s ability to find beauty in unmatched styles and top-quality materials to create truly unique, splendid designs. We offer luxurious bar furniture made out of rich solid woods and world-class marble or stone in contemporary designs. 

Buy Best Wooden Furniture Online at Affordable Prices on From Shekhawati 

From statement living room pieces to stylish dining room furniture, discover the curation of unparalleled style and luxury designs for every corner of your house at From Shekhawati. We are here to support your dream of designing a bespoke interior space with the use of seamless designs and inspirational ideas from all over the world. 


1. Why shop at From Shekhawati? 

From Shekhawati is a one-stop destination to come across top-class modern and vintage furniture styles to suit your interior spaces. Browse through the bespoke collection of luxury furniture for different rooms and design your abode beautifully. 


2. Why should I buy vintage wooden furniture in India? 

The best aspect of investing in high-end vintage wooden furniture in India is the timeless essence they impart to any space. From Shekhawati brings forth an impressive collection of vintage and antique furniture in India. 


3. What is the best type of wooden furniture available online? 

At From Shekhawati, you can browse through the diverse range of wooden furniture online -including wooden sofas, dining room furniture, beds, cabinets, and so more. You can choose solid wood furniture for improved durability and functionality. 


4. Where can you find luxury furniture? 

From Shekhawati brings forth an exclusive collection of the best luxury furniture in India. browse through the world-class assortment of top-quality furniture pieces featuring global inspirations. 

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